Case Study
Cockpit Demonstrator

Continental’s demonstrator for the IAA 2019 makes the interconnected mobility of the future a tangible experience.

Foto: Continental AG

The Challenge

When it comes to autonomous driving, Continental had a specific task for us: to bring various technologies and skills together to create a unique user experience and bring them to life in such a way that users can actually experience the interplay between all of the components.

The Outcome

Together with our customers, we developed a fully networked Cockpit Demonstrator to bring the world of smart mobility to life. Two freely configurable mobility modes were simulated. In manual mode, the emphasis was on data such as speed and navigation whereas this shifted towards creating infotainment services in automated driving mode. The result? An impressive, multimedia view of the mobility of tomorrow.

Bringing networked mobility to life.

The Cockpit Demonstrator.

What we did:

  • Brand Positioning
  • Design Strategy
  • Market Analyses
  • Advanced Design Studies
  • Multi Device Usability
  • Mock Ups & Prototypes
  • UI/UX
  • Interior Design & Trim
  • Exterior Design
  • 3D/CAD Modeling

Network Mobility IAA2019
Making Of



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