In urban environments, the bicycle is often the fastest means of transport for short and medium distances. That being said, many cite reduced road safety as the number one reason why they do not use bicycles in the city. Here is where we come in, bringing our expertise in head-up displays from the automotive sector.

The Challenge

Cyclists need to be especially attentive in road traffic and have good coordination and motor skills. Riding in unfamiliar environments where there is a high level of traffic is a particular challenge.
For these situations to be safer, concepts are needed that minimise the mental workload and keep the rider’s eyes on the road.

The Outcome

The head-up system displays supporting functions in the visor of a bicycle helmet. The system displays important context-sensitive information such as warnings of accident hazards or navigation instructions. This means that the rider can keep his or her eyes on the road at all times and avoid hazards well in advance. In more relaxed situations, useful convenience functions are also offered.

How to create the next generation of mobility?

The holistic and seamless AR HUD

Holistic and Seamless AR HUD
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