As vehicle interfaces become more and more complex, they also require new operating concepts that make it easier for the user to interact while in the vehicle and that make operation as simple as possible.

The Challenge

It’s great that modern vehicles offer so much more than they did just a few years ago. However, it also means that vehicle interfaces have become increasingly complex. This was reason enough for us to want to make interacting inside the vehicle as easy and intuitive as possible for users.

The Outcome

The Haptic Interaction Surfaces concept that was developed offers an intuitive method of control that gives users tactile feedback. How does it work? By controlling the implemented screen via a touchpad that responds to virtual edges with tactile feedback. As a result, it becomes child’s play to control the display with precision and to use various operating functions safely even while driving.

How to simplify complexity so that it is easy to use:

The Haptic Interaction Surfaces

Haptic Interaction Surfaces - Feel your screen / Continental Automotiv GmbH

What we did:

  • Advanced Design Studies
  • Usability Concepts
  • Multi Device Usability
  • Multimodal Interaction
  • Robotic Systems
  • Screendesign
  • Product Design
  • 3D/CAD Modeling


  • German Design Award


    Special Mention - Excellent Product Design / Human Machine

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  • Automotive Brand Contest


    Best of Best - Future, Mobility & Parts

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The haptic feedback noticeably improves the ease of operation.

Jury statement, German Design Award 2017

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