The “Integrated Cockpit Interior System” that was developed in cooperation with Continental for the first time presents an interior cockpit experience based on the next generation of vehicles. This project offers completely new perspectives for the design of interfaces and the user experience in the vehicle owing to the interaction of curved displays, gesture control, morphing controls and touchscreens with haptic feedback.

The Challenge

The task? To create a completely new perspective in designing the user experience. What was to be achieved was an extraordinary, innovative concept and design for content and hardware which required a completely new approach.

The Outcome

For the first time, the Integrated Cockpit Interior System shows a cockpit experience of the future vehicle generation. Through the intelligent interplay of curved displays, gesture-based commands, morphing controls and touchscreens with tactile feedback, this project offers a completely new perspective on the possibilities of future cockpits. From the strategy, UX and 3D design, app creation to frontend development including implementing the style guide, we have ventured on a completely new, pioneering path together with Continental.

How to create a comprehensive user experience:

The Integrated Cockpit Interior System

Integrated Cockpit System - A holistic experience / Continental Automotive GmbH

By combining active haptic feedback with the passive feedback provided by the three-dimensional surface, the human-machine interface is becoming ever more complex, creating an outstanding user experience and also significantly improving operating safety.

Dr. Frank Rabe, Head of Continental’s Instrumentation & Driver HMI Division (Auto Motor Sport, commentary at CES 2018, 09.01.2018)

What we did:

  • Design Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Advanced Design Studies
  • Multi Device Usability
  • Motion Design
  • UI/UX
  • Screendesign
  • 3D/CAD Modeling
  • Software Development & Coding
  • Android Integration
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Software

Integrated Cockpit System
Making Of




  • Automotive Brand Contest


    Innovation of the Year

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  • German Design Award


    Special Mention - Excellent Product DesignAutomotive Parts and Accessories

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  • IF Design Award


    Professional Concept

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Here, a large-format high-tech glass display blends harmoniously into the three-dimensional form of the interior design. The display shows all functions realistically, integrates camera photos and operating elements and to all intents and purposes replaces the old analog dashboard.

Jury statement, German Design Award 2019

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