An increasing number of displays and HMI interfaces are finding their way into the interior of today’s vehicles. The fusion of several displays into one central unit raises completely new demands on user-friendliness as well as possibilities for interaction in the vehicle.

The Challenge

Not only did Continental present us with the gripping task of seamlessly merging several displays into a single unit, but in doing so, they also placed completely new demands on the user experience.

The Outcome

An entirely new dimension of user experience was made possible by offsetting the displays in the direction of travel. With the help of curved display technology, digital infotainment content as well as a variety of applications can be displayed in a new and flexible layout in the HMI. This technology also opens up a new spectrum of design possibilities in the vehicle interior that are specific to the brand.

How cockpits can create a new user experience:

The Curved Plastic Lense

Curved Plastic Lense Display - Enabling new cockpit generations / Continental Automotiv GmbH

What we did:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Multimodal Interaction
  • UI Design
  • Product Design
  • Software Development
  • Android Integration
  • Hardware Prototypes/Models

Curved Plastic Lense
Making Of




  • German Design Award


    Winner - Excellent Product Design

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  • Automotive Brand Contest


    Winner - Future, Mobility and Parts

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